by Amelia | 06:26

How to choose a SEO agency, the easy way.

The steps to do before choosing a SEO agency / company in UK

  1. Step 1. Check if the SEO agency has a real ranking and stay away from agencies that have PPC Ads.
    Why you don’t want an SEO agency that has a PPC Ad?
    If the SEO agency itself doesn’t have a real ranking how can they promise a ranking to a client? Yet, their advertisement says they can do SEO but they can’t so they buy PPC Ads.
    The costs of buying PPC Ads in search engines are high. And those costs will be supported by their clients, by you.
  2. Step 2. Avoid web design agencies that offer SEO. This goes for multi-digital, multi-marketing agencies too. We’ve had so many clients that had poor SEO done by web designers. SEO done by designers/developers is in most of the cases an awful SEO. As SEO expert Paul Hoda says, he had clients that needed to buy a new domain and start from scratch again, that’s how bad the SEO was done. And to make things even worse, some web designers are still adding their credit link in the footer of their clients websites. According to Paul Hoda, this results in a rank loss for your website. We even had a client that had signed a contract with a web designer which required their credit link as mandatory. For those of you who don’t know, the credit link is the link that says “Web design by …”




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