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Ferraris, Astons, Porsches… You can forget about anything you’ve ever driven before. Huge, leader Lamborghinis have dependably been amazingly quick and dazzling to take a gander at, however the greater part of the Lamborghini Roadster’s ancestors were famously hard to drive. Nothing can coordinate the experience an Lamborghini Roadster offers. It’s an occasion all by itself, a substance not at all like some other. The Lamborghini Roadster really is the principal enormous Lambo anybody can get acclimated to. It has the greater part of the theater and the energy however with no of the disadvantages. It is, in every way that really matters, the ideal super auto. Or, on the other hand hyper auto, contingent upon what you need to call it.

Excellence is subjective, yet there’s no denying the Lamborghini Roadster’s threatening nearness. It’s so forceful and deliberate you can’t resist the urge to gaze at it. Individuals in the city stop what they’re doing just to get a look at the enormous Lambo. Witnessing that face to face surprisingly is somewhat stunning. Nothing, and we do amount to nothing, can blow some people’s minds the way the Lamborghini Roadster does. From specific points it even looks outsider, as it doesn’t have a place on this planet. It’s wide, it’s low, and it’s out and out exquisite. If at any point there was the ideal meaning of what a super auto should resemble, look no further.

Blue Chip Car Performance Car Hire are proud to make the Lamborghini Roadster available for you to hire in London. As specialists in Performance and Sports Car Hire, with over 15 years of experience, you’ll be in safe hands!

At Blue Chip Car Hire we see piloting a Lamborghini as taking the bull by the horns and hanging on for dear life. Blue Chip Car Hire are proud to offer 520 BHP monster to you for your ultimate prestige car hire. This car was born for posing – it’s impossible not to be fascinated by the sheer presence and the daring proportions of this radically angular sports car, but it is downright impossible not to be thrilled by the Gallardo’s aural charm. The thunder-and-lightning show begins with a twist of the ignition key – thanks to its V10 formation, it sounds like a modern Formula One engine that’s been sampled, dropped a couple of octaves and blasted back at volume at 11!

With all wheel-drive and enough torque to launch a yacht, the Gallardo does a lot more than accelerate. It motivates. Zero to 60 takes 3.9 seconds, leaving two fat black stripes on the tarmac and a red exclamation point in your mind! The forward thrust continues until the Spyder eventually reaches a maximum speed of 195 mph. Those who remember the 493bhp engine originally fitted to the Gallardo coupe now get even more of a good thing. The new 5.0-litre V-10 lump needs a chainsaw-like 8000 rpm to tease out the 520bhp and has also been re-geared to further access that concussive power delivery. Our model has the preferred much improved six-speed manual gearbox – first gear is 27 per cent lower and second gear is 13 per cent lower. This means that the Gallardo Spyder steps off the line with real verve despite the added weight of beautifully engineered roof that can disappear beneath the carbon fibre engine cover within 20 seconds. And if the Lambo isn’t enough then you should try to hire a Ferrari from Blue Chip Car Hire.

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