Face Peel for Winter
by Amelia | 14:58

With winter still upon us, our skin is these days more sensitive as it is exposed to wind, snow and cold weather. Most of all, in these chilly, windy days, our face skin is suffering the most. As we generally cover all our body with thick layers of puffy clothes, yet our faces are always out in the open.

skin care for windy days

In order to protect our skin face and improve its texture and appearance we can always indulge in a peeling face treatment which removes the dead cells at the surface and helps regenerate the dermis. Using moisturizing oil after a peeling treatment will hydrate your skin and soothe the irritation.

Face Skin Care for Winter

I for example am more comfortable and rather go to a beauty clinic for a peeling treatment. The one clinic I like and enjoy their treatments is Medspa. And for taking care of my skin I usually set an appointment with one of their skin care professionals to decide upon the best treatment adequate to the weather, my skin type and my skin problems.

Medspa Face Treatment

Although they are best known for the Soprano Laser Hair removal, this beauty clinic has several other specialized procedures which restore skin’s natural beauty and also improve the aspect of the body. When it comes to peeling, my go to treatment at Medspa is the BioSurface Peel. This procedure reveals smoother, softer and brighter skin. It works with skin’s natural chemistry by safely removing the coating of the dermis, helping the layers underneath regenerate healthier and milder.

Mild Skin in Winter

While wearing warm clothes and keeping the heat of our bodies comes natural, so should be taking care of our face’s skin in cold, winter days. Being the most exposed to the wind, it should always be moisturized and given specific treatments to keep it soft and healthy.

Best thing would be to talk to a dermatologist or skin professional, to find out what are the best products for you in the cold season and also take time to undergo a peeling treatment for regaining your skin’s natural beauty.

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