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Every once in a while we all need a break, a little time out just for us, to spend with our family or the loved one. Working five days a week, sometimes even overtime has a tall on our energy, wellbeing and physic. After a day at work, we get home and have so little energy and we are not really in the mood for much. We grab a quick dinner, barely exchange a few words with our partner and for those of us who have children we do our best to gather all the strength we have last to dedicate some quality time to our small ones.



Day by day, we spend our time at our jobs, sometimes overwhelmed by the work volume, other times being under the burden of repetitive tasks and all these create a tension, fatigue and frustration and consumes us from within. This is sometimes crushing for us and most of the times is having a toll on our relationships with others.  When we are tired we do not feel the need to invest in our human connections, we are not always interested to hear all about the other’s day, we lack the spirit to go out and see some friends and even avoid playing with our children.





Because of these effects of hard work, finding and making time for yourself and taking a break is not a luxury, it is a must. Our brains need it, our family needs it and it is beneficial for our overall health and state of mind. Having time for oneself or choosing to put your family and relationships first should be a priority, at least every once in a while as after all, the people we have around us and the relationships we build make us better persons and improve our interpersonal skills, even better they make us better human beings.

So what should we do when we feel like a time out is requested? We pause. We take a few days of and run away. Change the environment and take the dear ones with us. Experiment new food, going to concerts and theaters and for the ones that love doing things in the heat of the moment, go away on a relaxing holiday. Because, why should it feel crazy to have a great vacation even when it is not the season? I don’t believe that going on vacation only when you are supposed to, is such a smart thing to do. After all, recharging our batteries is always a great idea.




For all of you, who feel like I do, don’t wait for the summer or the winter holidays to take some days off, being overwhelmed at work does you no good, neither to your loved ones. So stop, take a break and give yourself an opportunity to start fresh after a small getaway. Rest and rejoice in the connection you share with your family or friends. And go on a trip. Meet new people, try new experiences and be curious of other traditions.

There are plenty of places to go in December, where weather is smoother, people are friendly and you can fully re-charge your energy. Among these places, the one that popped my mind is Mallorca in Spain. The weather there is warmer and you don’t have to worry about wind or snow, wearing too many layers of clothes or not being able to enjoy time out in the open. With a lot of historical places to see, the island is a delight for all history lovers and for those who are always eager to learn more about the stories and traditions of the place.

For those who are interested in have a good time relaxing, reading or walking on the beach the island is a great place to visit now, as the season has closed for this year. Being able to enjoy some tranquil days, eating some amazing food with recipes to tickle all senses and having some time out from the busy working days seems like heaven. Mallorca can indulge you with all these treats, all you have to do is take some time off from work and go see for yourself.



If you have decided and are anxious to go, I suggest you choose a comfortable, home like accommodation. Why? Just so you can enjoy the privacy of your home on your escapade. One of the best lodging places to choose from is Vida Villas. This is a family owned business which provides travelers with plenty of options for staying while they are away.

Understanding the need of comfort, Vida Villas has a varied selection of more than one thousand privately owned apartments and mansions all over the island to accommodate couples, families or get togethers with friends. Many of these properties are by the beach or have private pools, are located downtown in close proximity to the best local restaurants and when renting from Vida Villas you have extra services such as transfers, nanny, chefs and catering which make your staying as relaxing and as comfortable as it gets.

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The online website is providing you with detailed photos of the villas or apartments that can be rented. You can choose the number of bedrooms, the location and even the design of your holiday home. I say home as renting from Vida Villas is indeed an incredible experience that most appreciate as being a homey, cozy feeling that you can’t get in any other place. As the family who owns the business has travelled and mostly stayed in privately owned homes, they know what it takes to offer you a staying that cannot be matched and strive to offer the best experience to all of those who decide to rent and spend some time in one of the villas or apartments.

I don’t know about you, but I have always dreamt of having a house on an island and while this is not a tangible dream for me at this point in my life, escaping on such a beautiful island as Mallorca is, and spending some quality time with my husband, enjoying great food, drinking good wine and taking some days off from work sounds like an amazing plan.

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First things first, I am booking a flight and I am searching for the best villa for rent in Mallorca. Vida Villas is for me the ideal choice.  The right time for a vacation is when you feel it and definitely when you need it. So do not wait to be overwhelmed by your job. Stop neglecting your wellbeing and your relationships. Come along on a holiday with me and the privately owned villas from Vida Villas.



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