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Everybody knows that when it comes to planning a wedding, the first and extremely important thing is choosing the best location to fit your desires and the number of guests you are going to have so that its design matches the personality of the couple and the space is large enough to include everybody so the location is not crowded or too airy so it feels like it is empty.

Launching into a quest of finding the spot for such a special day has its difficulties as the best thing would be to have all information in one place, but wait a minute, there is such a catalog the Asian Venue Guide. Whether you grab a copy of their booklet or surf their website which is practically a directory of all venues across the United Kingdom that can provide you with an Asian themed wedding place, the Asian Venue Guide is like your own personal assistant to choosing the location for your dream wedding.

asian venue guide

Presenting couples with a selection of historical places such as The Monastery Manchester, The Gibson Hall, The Thornton Manor, The Institute of Directors and many more, a variety of sporting venues such as The Surrey National Golf Club, The Amex Stadium, The Charlton Events Valley Stadium and plenty of other amazing locations such as restaurants, marquees, hotels and manor houses, the Asian Venue Guide can provide you with plenty of original ideas that will make your event as fabulous and pleasant as you imagine it to be.

the monastery manchester

gibson hall

the institute of directors

Planning a wedding is not just a simple project that anyone can deal with, it involves commitment and time and a lot of patience. The first step that will take a weight off your shoulders is finding the best venue to best fit your needs and your design expectations so having a resourceful inspiration place such as the Asian Venue Guide website or booklet is a must.

the surrey national golf club

the amex stadium

Make your dream like wedding a truly magical one by choosing a location that will not disappoint you as the bride and groom or your guests. Let yourself be enchanted by spectacular venues and choose wisely and with your heart as you are making this decision for a very special event.

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