by Amelia | 11:55

After getting married a month ago, my best friend decided to have a trash the dress session so that she can have some fun and a good time with her husband as they are now over the planning stress and the anxiety of the moment.


Being the great person that she is I have decided to surprise her and I am going to rent a luxury car with a professional driver to take them to the spots they want to be photographed in, maybe have some fun with the car too, without trashing it… obviously.


I am sure you ask yourself where this shoot will take place. Do you want to guess? No, not there or there… it’s London! Fabulous, busy, colorful, crowded city of London is her place of choice. You now understand why I want professional chauffeur services for the lovely couple, as walking around in a wedding dress is not the exact way any bride would want to trash that expensive, impeccable gown.



Making a decision was not that easy but then I finally found Continental Chauffeur Services to drive the two lovebirds careless in one of their luxurious cars. I do believe she will be amazed, as the hubby knows about this… he is the greatest accomplice of all.


I am more than excited to see their photos and find out more about their experience in cosmopolitan London.




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