by Amelia | 08:33

With the first breeze of autumn coming through the window I already start feeling nostalgic about summer, yet a warm shiver sparks my eyes when thinking of colorful leaves, walks in the park surrounded by red, orange and yellow trees, and also afternoon dates with my best friends in romantic and natural September décors.


While I am already setting up my wardrobe for the coming days, setting apart Bordeaux, tangerine, banana yellow and a splash of leaf green I am also thinking of preparing my skin for the coming season. As I have been enjoying the sun too much and have some sun damaged skin areas I am going to attend these spots with a deep skin treatment that will restore the elasticity and natural look of my face. A good place for this treatment where you can also receive good advice from specialists is Kensington located Medspa. After going through a course for laser hair removal at the end of May, I am confident they can assist with my little sun burned spots. After all,  my most valuable asset is my skin, so just choosing clothes to wear this September will mean nothing if my skin is not properly taken care of.


So welcome autumn, I am getting ready to enjoy you and all of your beauty with preppy outfits and naturally good looking skin. My imagination will set up my looks and Medspa will pamper my skin.




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